The Challenge

Our customer is a large facility that houses and feeds over 1,000 individuals daily, along with a staff of an additional 1,000 people. The challenge that they face is that this type of facility must house and feed these individuals 365 days a year. They generate an extreme amount of organic waste in their personal living facilities including shower areas, but especially in their cafeteria and kitchen areas where large amounts of food waste are funneled down drains that lead to grease traps. These grease traps and the piping that leads to them generate a large amount of solid waste that necessitates the frequent and costly process of pumping the solids out of the grease traps and also the piping that leads to them.

The Solution

Our solution was to apply GMP BREAKDOWN GTID, which is a live bacteria Grease Trap and Interceptor Digester. This live bacteria contains a blend of anaerobic and aerobic bacteria that is designed to fully liquefy all solid organic matter that builds up in the piping and the grease traps. BREAKDOWN GTID is pumped into each system by a DR-2000 DRAINKEEPER PUMP, which is programmed to pump a calculated amount of bacteria daily during the least active periods.An additional component of the solution was to hang large solid BIO-BLOCKS from the lids of the grease traps that contains the same bacteria as the liquid version. 

The Result

The application of BREAKDOWN GTID and GMP BIO-BLOCKS resulted in the elimination of the necessary monthly pumping of the grease traps and liquefying all solid organic matter that was building up in the entire piping system. Initially, the frequency of the pumping was reduced to every six months; however, as the bacteria colonies continued to grow, the pumping was ultimately reduced to once per year and this was only to remove any biomass that accumulated at the bottom of the grease traps. The end result was the savings of thousands of dollars annually.