Case Study #102

The Challenge

Extreme Snow and Ice condition as a result of the Polar Vortex during the 2013/2014 Ice & Snow melt season. Many facility managers had problems keeping their roadways, sidewalks and dock areas cleared of ice & snow during these types of conditions. In addition, supplies were very short at the end of the season with the end result of many facility managers having no material to make their facilities safe and secure.

The Solution

The GMP division was able to supply all of the needs of our account base regardless of the extreme demand because of our vast resources and our ability to stock both liquid and solid type ice melters in the quantities that we do. Many industrial accounts came to depend on our LIQUITHERM liquid de-icer, anti-icer and activator to thaw out outdoor equipment and machinery to continue production. Our MEGATHERM LT crystal solid ice melter was able to work well below zero and worked 40 times faster than rock salt and does not harm concrete, greenery, or leave any residue that gets tracked into the building that must be cleaned out. It has been the flagship of all of our solid ice melters for many years.

The Result

GMP has become the “Ice Melt Headquarters” for ice & snow melt needs in this region. We are committed to supplying the needs of our customers during a very demanding season and are prepared to deal with the next Polar Vortex with adequate supply and, most importantly, the types of products that work in a very challenging environment with conditions that are very extreme.